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ISIK A.S. is established in 1974 and has been in trading business on DRIED FRUITS until 1982, when the first section of today's factory was built and served mainly the domestic market until 1987 and ever since, diverted its production and marketing to export markets, selling the products to 36 different countries, spreading from New Zealand, in the far east, to the U.S.A. and Canada, in the far west.

1970 - 1990

1974 Established in 1974 by Mr. Mehmet Ali ISIK.
Mr. ISIK started to sell sultanas and olive oil which he bought and collected from the surrounding villages/vineyards in the stock exchange. In the same year, he established “ISIK Tarim A.S” without being aware of this was the beginning of a “new path”.

1984 The core of the current factory with a size of 700 m2 / 7534 ft2 , was established for processing and packing Sultanas. ISIK begun to serve with its Sultanas processed out from this modest facility in local markets. Studies and research to sail abroad had been started.

1987Operated as a packing and a marketing company on raisins and sultanas, until 1987. First container was exported to the other side of the world: Australia.

1990 - 2000

1990 Experienced the initial export transaction after 3 years of market research. In those days, Organic agriculture movement had taken steps in Europe. News, idea and philosophy behind “Organic" seemed rather rational and green. Things were going to change.
Mr.Isik who grew up in vineyards had already realized that chemical usage neither solve the problems of the farmer nor respond the yield increase in the long term. Contrarily, he observed the impoverishment of the soil several times against the increasing chemical usage with greedy expectations.

1991 Route of the company shone out and ISIK initiated its own independent Organic projects. First time a Turkish Company was embarking in Organic Project.

1991-’92 First IFOAM membership from Turkey.
After realizing the difficulties (divided field structure, untrained farmers, lack of knowledge) against Organic Agriculture in Turkey, IŞIK focused on the whole picture and created its own project aiming to eliminate the subject difficulties. Name of this holistic approach project was “Happy Village”.

1992-’93 Demeter projects was started in our Happy Villages with the leadership of Dr.Obermeier.

1998 Manufacturing of IQF (frozen) products was started.

2000 - Today

2001-‘02 Extension of organic projects. New projects in Middle Asia. At same year, sales started in retail markets with ISIK brand, in Turkey.

2006-‘09 Processing plant was established in Free zone, to evaluate the imported goods from Middle Asia for export. Sister company “Happy Village Food Products Ltd” was founded in the UK.

2008-‘10 Camozu IQF factory was established. Cold store was build at the backyard of the dried fruit plant. Investment to Retail packaging lines was projected and started. Investment on pre-pack / private label line continued giving a variety of packaging options (quadro, pillow, doypack, tray…).

2011-‘12 All processing lines were renewed and optimised. We now occupy a dried fruit and IQF (frozen) processing sites of 17,000 sqm and 3,000 sqm respectively totalling to 20,000 sqm site area. Today, ISIK; being the pioneer of the Organic Dried Fruit & Nuts sector in Turkey and in the World, keep on its determined marching while maintaining all the values it has acquired for more than a century.