Happy Village Project

The Aims & Activities

Farmer Training Programme

ISIK tries to get national and international funds to perform all these activities, like an EC funded project, namely “SMAP-Promoting Sustainable Use of Agricultural Land Through the Introduction of Organic Farming Methods", under which following activities are carried out:

  • 1075 farmers have been trained with an average of 7,33 hours;
  • Agronomists traveled 58,300 kms for the training and consultancy to the farmers, with a total of 392,5 days;
  • By this project, the total number of farmers and field area have been increased by 66 and 214%, respectively.

The farmers are trained periodically according to ISIK “Farmer Training Programme”, on “Product Growing (Fig, Sultana, Apricot, Pear, Plum, Hazelnut etc.)”, “Organic Agriculture”, “Biodynamic Agriculture”, “Mycotoxines (Aflatoxine and ochratoxine and the factors affecting the growth of them)”, and some other subjects. The training programme is prepared by company Agronomists and the trainings are carried out by internal or external trainers, who are professors from agricultural departments of the universities, experts from the “Research Institutes”, foreign, as well as Turkish. This realization is carried out by preparing the training notes and presentations; giving the trainings; documenting the training subjects, training hours, trainees and participants (farmers); calculating the average training hours per farmer and defining the targets for next year accordingly.

Some of the titles from the training subjects:

  • Organic Agriculture
  • Biodynamic agriculture and compost preparation
  • Developments in organic agriculture
  • New regulations on organic
  • Application of biodynamic preparations
  • Discussions on farmer problems and solutions
  • Organic fig growing and harvesting
  • Aflatoxine
  • Organic apple, sour cherry and plum growing
  • Organic rice growing
  • Organic viniculture and problems related to mould and yeast growth at the vineyards


  • Dr. Obermaier – GERMANY
  • Prof.Dr. Uygun Aksoy – Aegean University Agricultural Department
  • Prof.Dr.Ufuk Ilter – Aegean University Agricultural Department
  • Prof.Dr.Ahmet Altýndisli – ETO (Ecological Agricultural Organization in Turkey
  • Nazif Sahin – Fig Research Institute – Erbeyli
  • Hilmi Kocatas - Fig Research Institute – Erbeyli
  • Helmy Abouleish – Sekem / EGYPT
  • Klaus Merckens – EBDA
  • Ranko Tadic – ABM
  • Nevzat Pinarer – MARA
  • Reto Ingold – Vita Terra / TUNUS
  • Guy Rilov – IBDAA
  • Manolis Kabourakis – NAGREF / GAEG

Training of Consultants:

ISIK’s Agronomists are trained internally and externally in order to enhance their knowledge and infrastructures. They visit the organic fields and farms in abroad, as well as co-operation with invited foreign consultants, who are experienced in organic agriculture so that a “know-how” transfer is done.