Quality & Production

As part of our integrated approach to food safety and quality, we do know the necessity to continue this discipline at our premises until final product and its delivery. Therefore the compliance of the goods to relevant standards and specifications is frequently and randomly checked and monitored throughout the production operations by our Food Safety Team. Our aim is to save and sustain our well known customer focused production and quality primacy.

Sultanas & Raisins Processing

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Raw Material Warehouse

Sultanas & Raisins Processing

Sultanas & Raisins are sourced from our registered and approved farmers. All raw materials are subject to quality checks to see the compliance with our raw material specifications and only the ones meet our criteria are accepted. After this check, they are mechanically cleaned and stored in plastic cases till further use. Appropriate raw materials that comply with the required organic certification (EU, Demeter, Bio Suisse, JAS, NOP etc.) and quality attributes are selected for each batch and customer. Foreign bodies such as leaves, stalks, stems etc. are removed on the mechanical cleaning line that has aspirators, sieves, capstem machine etc. which is then followed by Laser Scanning, X-Ray sorting and hand selection to ensure that customer requirements and specifications are met.

Dried Figs Processing

Dried figs are graded as per their size and chill-stored to prevent aflatoxine growth till further use. The first step of production process is the UV Control (aflatoxin control) to remove any aflatoxin contaminated figs where every fig is checked individually. This is followed by washing to remove any dust, soil, dirt, etc. ; drying to remove the excessive water gained during washing which allows a safe product through strict control of moisture and water level after drying. Traditionally, Turkish figs are formed into different types called baglama, protoben, lerida, pulled etc according to customer order.

For industry; figs can be provided as clipped, diced, paste, granules

Dried Apricots Processing

Dried whole pitted apricots from our projects are delivered in plastic boxes and are subject to standard intake checks. The process is similar to that of figs, except aflatoxin check.

For industry; apricots can be processed diced, paste, granules.

Dried Pears, Apples, Peaches, Prunes, Mulberries, Sour Cheries

With effective cleaning machineries, subject dried fruits are washed and dried in our drying tunnels and processed to halves, slices of dices according to customer requirements; laser and X-Ray sorted and passes through the metal detector prior to packing.


We can produce macerated chopped dates with very low pit counts as well as paste and whole pitted dates.


Hazelnuts are processed at our subcontractor’s premises and transported to our factory for final cleaning and checks before packing where they are handled in a designated area to prevent their cross contamination to non-allergen goods. They are mechanically and manually cleaned through dedicated machinery and by trained staff.


Being one of the most important food safety systems, “HACCP- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points” and “GMP- Good Manufacturing Practices“, are applied in ISIK A.S., in order to achieve the highest standards for its customers, as well as satisfying the internal goals. Please find the applications that are included, but not limited to those only, in company’s HACCP and "GMP" system, as follows:

  • The raw material is inspected at the entrance of the factory and only the ones that confirm the company’s “Raw Material Specifications” are accepted and coded internally according to the related instructions, which will help to trace the goods from origin till to end product. The quality checks are carried out according to ISIK A.S. “Quality Plans” at three major steps, namely “Raw Material”, “In Process” and “Final Product”.
  • Microbiological, pesticide residue, mycotoxine and heavy metal analysis are carried out at accredited external laboratories, either in Turkey or abroad, while sensorical, physical and some chemical analysis are done at companies own laboratory.
  • A detailed “Factory Cleaning Plan” is under use, defining the cleaning and disinfection responsibilities, periods and methods for the machinery, lines, floors, ceilings, toilets and all other parts in the building, applying approved chemicals. The effectiveness of the cleaning is checked by “Swab Controls” as well as visual inspections.
  • As a part of ISIK’s “Foreign Material and Glass Policy”, necessary precautions are taken and the staff has already been trained in order to prevent any type of contamination by foreign bodies. Laser scanner, sieves, magnets, metal detectors are used to prevent and / or detect the foreign bodies from the products. All the glasses looking into the production area are either wired or covered by a protective shield that will prevent them scattering in case of a breakage.
  • An “Annual Maintenance Plan” for the machinery and building, is used throughout the year.
  • As “Training” and “Awareness” are two of the most important issues in a Quality System, ISIK A.S. believes that the success of its Quality System depends on the awareness and knowledge of its team. Therefore all the staff, including the managers, are trained internally and externally, based on ISIK’s “Training Plan” prepared on biannual basis, since 2000.